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Imagine If All These Rabbits Didn’t Have A Tattoo You Might Not Get The Right Rabbit Back?

-Feel free to scroll down to the bottom and watch us tattoo a rabbit-

Maybe you have a lot of rabbits that’re the same color.  Maybe you want to enter a rabbit show.  Even if your a backyard rabbitry it’s a good idea to tattoo them.  Let’s go over the Who, What, When, Where and Why 

WHO TATTOOS: Like most people, I want to keep my things safe and secure.  Tattoos are a way of doing that.  It’s that insurance in case anyone tries to take them you’ll have a way to prove they’re really yours. 

Are you thinking about maybe showing your rabbits? The ARBA (American rabbit breeders association)rules state that your rabbit must have a clear and legible tattoo that consists of numbers and letters. 

Let’s face it, big events and crowds aren’t for everyone and I completely understand if you don’t have any interest in showing your rabbits but you may still want to register your rabbit, You’ll need to tattoo your rabbit in order to register them.

WHAT TO USE: Some folks love using pliers because it’s quick and effective. At The Rabbitry Center, we use the tattoo pen.  The TATT PEN writes like a ball point pen.  I’ve tattooed several rabbits and they react very little to the tattoo pen process.  That said, Pliers do work well too.  I’m not here to convince you to use a pen or pliers.  Only speaking from our experiences when using the ez-tatt pen it doesn’t make them jump or squirm the same way the pliers do.  Although the pliers are much quicker.  I’ve included a video showing the Tatt pen process (skip to time stamp 4:26-min. to avoid the intro) but you can find links at the bottom for Pliers or the Tatt Pen. Everyone has they’re preference. 

WHEN TO TATTOO: 8-10 weeks is a good time to tattoo.  The older rabbits seem to be more aware of the tattoo process than the younger rabbits. Younger rabbits most of the time don’t even move. 

WHERE TO TATTOO: You always want to make sure you tattoo the left ear.  The right ear is reserved for ARBA competitions.  An ARBA registrar will  tattoo champions in the right ear. You may sell or give your rabbit away one day to a loved one and it’s a good idea to leave your options open for the future. 

WHY YOU’D TATTOO: Even if you don’t want to register or show your rabbits, if someone were to steal them you’d certainly want to be able to prove to the authorities they’re yours.

Lastly, if you have two unrelated blood lines of the same color rabbit in your rabbitry.  You’ll need to keep them separated or marked so you don’t mix them up. 







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