Our Rabbits

Beautiful Blue Rabbits

Blue New Zealand bunnies that are all a little different.  Some grow fur that’s a beautiful blue others have a gorgeous gray color.  Some Blue bunnies are broken with spotted fur.  These rabbits are purebred from a solid blue and solid white New Zealand.  Purchase multiple rabbits and receive a discount.

Rabbit Harvesting/Dispatch Tool

The Rabbitry Center now
offers Dispatch Tools

Rabbit farmers and Rabbit breeders
try to give their rabbits a good life.

When it comes time to harvest meat rabbits
we all want a quick and humane death.

Our Rabbit dispatch tool is homemade at our
Rabbitry and is welded tough. It’s sure to last
the lifetime of your rabbitry.

All our dispatch tools come with 3-4 pilot holes
for easy mounting.

We offer Green, Beige or Black $20.00


New Zealand Whites

The most popular breed of rabbit for

meat production is the New Zealand White.

These rabbits have a Mutation called albinism

caused by a lack of melanin, which is a vital

pigment that gives all animals their colors.


We also offer White Rabbits with color

bred into their genes which gives them

Blue and Brown eyes.

Available for Reservation.

Chestnut Rabbits

Chestnut New Zealand’s.  If you want your litters to be full of color this rabbit is for you.  When bred with a white rabbit, Chestnut’s will have White, Black, Blue, red and chestnut rabbits.  Having multicolored genetics, her litters are full of color.  We always look forward to her litters because we never know what were going to get. If you’d like a Chestnut rabbit be sure to reserve a rabbit immediately. It’s free. With just a quick text you can be next. 


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